Andrew Roberts

„I was first introduced to the BLASHAUS crook by my friend a virtuoso clarinet and bass clarinet player Mathias Muller during a demonstration of the BLASHAUS SABre bass clarinet. I knew as soon as I tried the gold plated crook I now use, that I would have to have one.
Since then I have gone on to supply many others to colleagues and customers of mine in the UK. The crook offers many improvements to the bass clarinet  including greater sonority, stability and depth of sound, it also makes the tuning more reliable and provides all of this with less effort from the player, it really is like adding a turbo charger to your instrument!
On one occasion recently I was invited to play with a National Opera company on bass clarinet in a Puccini Opera. Their regular bass clarinet player was sitting next to me and after the first act, he turned to me and said ” I have just spent to whole act working out what I can sell to buy on of those crooks!” and he bought one soon after!
What better recommendation can I give than that!“

Andrew Roberts


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