Jack Howell

„The bass clarinet crook comprises a greater part of the instrument than a clarinet barrel does, so it makes sense that there are gains to be had by optimizing it, just as with the barrel, or even more so. I would say that the response over the entire instrument is more immediate and predictable, with particular benefits to articulation. Resistance feels very even and I feel a greater ease in playing, but still plenty of cushion/resistance for louder dynamics. I have always felt aware on bass of the distance between tone holes — without strict attention, a phrase can sound like a string of different vowels. With this crook, both the bright and dull notes seem largely to have resolved, and the entire range of the instrument feels more compact and focused.
It seems evident that the folks at DAS BLASHAUS know what they are doing. The crook is beautifully made, simply first rate work, not a molecule out of place.“

Jack Howell
In 2015, his career came full circle when he won the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s principal bass clarinet position.


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