Conn Artist 6M "Lady Face" SN. 339 xxx

4'450.00 CHF

In 1935, Conn introduced the new model "Artist" to the American market (serial number from approx. 263 000), with the additional designation "6M" for the alto saxophone and "10M" for's tenor. The engraving of a woman's head also gave the instrument its nickname "Naked Lady" or "Ladyface". It became a successful instrument played by many musicians and was produced with slightly modified features until the end of the sixties. Striking innovations on the alto were the tuning screw on the neck, a double neck/crook socket and a hanging octave key "underslung". At the end of the 1940s, all Conn "Lady's" were produced only with drawn flues/tone holes instead of flanged flues/tone holes for reasons of economy, and later the tuning screw on the alto was also omitted.

The prices for our vintage instruments depend on the condition and substance of the instrument, the age, the original varnish, the effort of the Revision and accessories.

Charlie Parker


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