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PhilTone for alto saxophone

445.00 CHF590.00 CHF


The Solstice

Orientation West Coast /Pepper, Konitz, Desmond

modern new concept

none! Meyer copy (which often has a dull sound and a lot of blowing resistance).


Le Son - The Sound

Geometry like an old Meyer New York, THE great model of the Alto Mst.

Big Chamber


The Rift

modern Mst. with a lot of dynamics and power

Very balanced, even in the upper registers

Rollover Baffle


The Novella Jazz - The Jazz Narrative

Orientation Selmer Soloist Short Shank

Horseshoe Chamber (eng) and Rollover Baffle

Inspired by the sound of Kenny Garrett


The Intrepid - The Intrepid

the most dynamic Alto Mst. by Phil Tone

beautiful timbres in all registers despite much power and volume

Big Chamber


The Isotope - The Isotope (Element)

Metal mouthpiece, developed with Theo Wanne

High Baffle




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