Selmer Super Balanced Action SN 51 559

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11'800.00 CHF

The Selmer Balanced Action, which was built shortly before the Second World War, seems miles superior to the American instruments of that time. Although the quality of the sound and ideas about it can be argued and discussed endlessly, the action already gives a "modern" impression. It lies well in the hand and is a pleasure to play. There are no problems with the little finger of the left hand for the low notes, the pivot points and so on. The modern mechanism is an innovation from the Selmer company that still characterises all modern saxophones. In a way, the Selmer Balanced Action is the mother of all modern saxophones and a model that writes an important piece in sax history.
The sound is simply great!

The prices for our vintage instruments depend on the condition and substance of the instrument, the age, the original varnish, the cost of the revision and the accessories.

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