Tenor Saxofon SML Strasser Marigaux – N. 12 875

3'800.00 CHF

The SML Strasser Marigaux Lemaire with the serial number 12 875 and year of manufacture 1955 is probably an early Gold Medal Mark I, although the serial number could still refer to a Reverence D model. The Gold Medal Mark I saxophone was a great success for SML and sales figures skyrocketed. The decisive features are the large cup, an adjustable C#/G# connection, flanged flues, the stable support at the neck and the dark "American" gold varnish. And not to forget the warm soft and full sound...

Our instrument was made in the workshop totally revised and is looking forward to a new owner.

Background: The company SML was founded by the Swiss businessman Strasser, the instrument maker Marigaux and the clarinet maker Lemaire in 1935. The main emphasis was on the production of tops, as it still is today, but the construction of saxophones also became increasingly important. Between 1936 and 1982, about 25'ooo horns were produced, which were in no way inferior to those made by Selmer (which produced over 300'000 instruments in the same period!). The mechanics, on the other hand, were more oriented towards the American saxophones, and in terms of sound they are also more in line with them, with their fat, warm and powerful sound.


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