BCH3 Heavy Series III bass clarinet neck


For Buffet Prestige, Buffet Tosca and Selmer Privilege models

We have worked intensively with bass clarinets for twenty years. Recent years have seen us develop our own bass clarinet necks with extra stiffening and mass. The continuous S-curve bores, precision-calibrated bends and thicker walls have further improved the energy flow compared to the first series.

Focused sound with presence

Bass clarinets are known for producing a wonderful, warm sound – one that can unfortunately be overpowered by other instruments in an ensemble because it prefers to take a back seat; the sound is also difficult for microphones to pick up because of the higher levels of the other instruments.

Our bass clarinet necks enable the player to transfer energy more directly and quickly to the instrument, thus increasing the blowing pressure to provide a more stable, solid playing experience. The acoustic result is a sound that is more present, rounded and focused, and which cuts through in the room.

The neck is equipped with an adjustable register vent.

The BCH3 Series III neck is of particular interest for expressive solo playing and ensemble work featuring high stage volumes.

Available in Selmer and Buffet versions

The BLASHAUS Exclusive BCH3 Series III bass clarinet neck is for the Selmer Privilège and current Buffet Prestige and Tosca models designed.
If you have an older Selmer bass clarinet and would like a matching neck, contact us here


Makes more of your instrument: a neck to suit you

The Selmer models come in two different neck angles, while the Buffet models are offered in the Steep Angle, which corresponds to the original neck:

Surfaces in elegant gold

All the models are brushed and gold-plated

The surface also affects the sound: the gold plating tends to produce a more robust, warmer sound


BCH3 Heavy Selmer bass clarinet neck

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BCH3 Heavy Buffet bass clarinet neck

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BLASHAUS Exklusiv bass clarinet neck


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