SCHWENK & SEGGELKE is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a range of historical replicas of the 18th and 19th centuries, divided according to emphasis, in combination with a comprehensive programme of modern clarinets. Schwenk & Seggelke manufacture clarinets in all tunings from high A flat to bass, in German and French fingering (Boehm system), and a variety of mixed systems.


In the Schwenk & Seggelke workshop, only handmade clarinets are produced, which, after many years of testing, guarantee optimal sound experiences and meet the highest quality standards. Even the mechanics are soldered together by hand. This makes it possible to optimally adapt the ergonomics of the mechanism to the player.
Careful storage of the wood for many years, in connection with the subsequent gentle processing, ensures exact dimensional stability and low susceptibility to cracking.
Martin Suter and Jochen Seggelke got to know each other at the BUA's "CLEX" project.
This quickly developed into a close collaboration and "Das Blashaus" became the most important service and trading partner for SCHWENK & SEGGELKE clarinets in Switzerland. Jochen Seggelke comes to the Blashaus two to three times a year and advises customers, makes re-intonations, corrections and adjustments, as well as customer requests in general. The dates are always announced in the Blashaus newsletter.

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