Bariton Saxofon Conn „New Wonder“ Transitional – N: 227 582

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The Conn "New Wonder" Transitional Saxophone from 1929/30 has been around for many years and has experienced a lot. It was completely dismantled in our workshop and the soldered joints of the cup, body and siphon were loosened. Only in this way was it possible to completely dent and straighten the instrument. A Total revision on an instrument of this age quickly becomes a complete restoration. But the work was worth it: the Transitional Conn meets all our expectations with its warm full sound, easy response and the unsurpassable charm of days gone by. The special timbre is difficult to describe and again only one thing helps - come by and enjoy being able to play on such a great instrument.

The prices for our vintage instruments depend on the condition and substance of the instrument, the age, the original varnish, the cost of the revision and the accessories.


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