Tenor Saxofon Conn Black Pearl III

A vintage body meets a modern mechanism.

The Black Pearl Tenor Saxophone is a sensational, outstandingly playable instrument. We build a new mechanism close to the Selmer MVI on the legendary vintage Conn Chu Berry body. This gives the Black Pearl III a handling comparable to today's saxophones and the great powerful American sound is preserved.
The Black Pearl Series III is based on a long development and builds on the experience of Series I and II.
We are proud of the Black Pearl Series III, which has found the ideal balance between vintage and modern.
The Chu Berry has a fat, broad, sonorous sound with a lot of soul and swing. It responds very easily and is surprisingly stable intonation for a saxophone from the 1920s. The overtone composition is flatter than on the Selmer saxophones and typical of the American vintage sound.
The focus of the Black Pearl is on tactile playability combined with its wonderful sound. Thanks to the removable cup and key shuttles, it is very easy to service. The design is a contemporary interpretation of the vintage Chu look with its round wire key shooters. The surface is matt silver-plated, patinated and brushed, which underlines its vintage character.

The combination of today's handling and vintage sound are a great source of inspiration for every soloist.
The BLASHAUS Converted Conn Chu Berry "Black Pearl III" Tenor Saxophone is the dream instrument for every Conn sound fan who does not want to do without today's handling.


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